Cats with Their People

This is an ongoing series of work that centers around cat owner(s) in their home with their cat(s). The idea started as somewhat of a joke that led into a collaborative art show about cats between me and Tia Rodemeyer entitled "Cat Show". In less than a month I took 30 portraits and met 42 cats. The portraits were on display in a 4 x 5 photo grid at Hill Vintage & Knits through the month of February in 2016. Each 5 x 7 photo was hand mounted on white foam board with a 1/4 inch border.

This blog will serve as a continuation and expansion upon said series that includes a story with each post.

The sessions are limited to 30 minutes and must be at the person's home using available/unaltered lighting. One portrait will be chosen and displayed. The beauty behind each portrait is that it's not meant to perfect but to capture an endearing moment.

If you are interested in being a part of this series please feel free to reach out to me.