ONE - March 24, 2016 - Vaudeville Mews bar
Tia attended and I photographed the the Wild Child / Twinsmith show at Vaudeville Mews. We stayed out later then we wanted to due to going to The Lift, drinking Blue Moons, eating Wasabi Tao sushi and then going to Fong's. Our stand-in tripod was my backpack on top of the bar.

TWO - March 25, 2016 - Black Sheep bathroom

We went to the soft opening of an exclusive, member's only bar. I was hesitant, and we freaked out over what to wear and whether or not we are cool enough. Turns out we are. Our stand in tripod was Tia's arm.

THREE - March 27, 2016 - Young Women's Resource Center hallway

We spent about 6 hours painting a chair with Janelle and Alex as the DSM Girl Gang for the Young Women's Resource Center's event, Sit On It! Our stand-in tripod was Tia's arm.

FOUR - March 30, 2016 - Java Joe's

We had breakfast, coffee and conversation with Joany at 6:30 AM. Our stand-in tripod was a napkin dispenser that I removed half of the napkins from.

FIVE - March 31, 2016 - Tia's Car

We had a DSM Girl Gang meeting at Scooter's and got kicked out at close, then we finished off the meeting in Tia's car. Afterwards we went to Quinton's and had some happy hour beers. I was severely sleep deprived this week. Our stand-in tripod was Tia's dash.

Meanz and Tia

This is a series chronicling Tia and I's friendship. We met May 7, 2015 after a few simple message exchanges basically gushing about about each other's artwork and wanting to do an art trade (which never happened). We've been friends for less then a year when I finally decided to just make solid plans with her. Now, I can't imagine my life without her. She is my heterolifemate; soulmate if you will.  The idea came about when I realized that we didn't have many photos with each other, mostly because she is one of my muses and I'm always behind the lens capturing photos of her. The goal of this series is to capture a portrait/moment (in the form of a gif - hopefully) when we see each other. The challenge is that we have the take the photo ourselves and cannot ask for any help. We also cannot use a real tripod, we have to create a makeshift one with items from our environment.